SUMMIT Outcomes

A student, who has completed and engaged with the Summit curriculum, will be able to: 

Curricular Learning Outcomes

Identify, explain, and analyze global themes, processes and systems

Demonstrate knowledge and skills essential for global engagement.

Critically examine the relationship between dominant and marginalized cultures, subcultures or group. 

Communicate effectively through writing and speaking, especially across cultural or linguistic differences.

Recognize, analyze and evaluate arguments. 

Articulate and appraise problems and solutions from multiple perspectives, critically considering diverse sources of information. 

Recognize, analyze, and employ effective teamwork. 

Identify and assess one’s values, interests and abilities.

Practice or interpret creative expression. Probe fundamental questions of value and meaning.

Interpret quantitative information or demonstrate the methods of inquiry appropriate for investigating the natural world. 

Analyze human behavior or social relations. 

Co-Curricular Learning Outcomes

Cultivate and maintain interpersonal relationships and networks. 

Demonstrate confidence and motivation to effect change. 

Practice continual improvement of one’s whole person and seek and utilize feedback. 

Identify, evaluate and strategically utilize campus and community resources. 

Demonstrate honorable and ethical behavior and civic engagement.