Peace. This is one of the themes of this month. You know how people always say get right with God first so that everything else in your life will start working out? Well, they aren’t lying. Despite the fact that it is my last semester of college (and that I am doing another Senior Seminar and am applying for jobs and applying for different graduate programs and grant, etcetera, etcetera), I am so at peace. Like sitting on a beach looking at the beauty of the ocean occassionally reading a book and just soaking up the rays at peace. (Now I want to go to Destin. You?) At the heart of this peace is Jesus. In addition to making sure I actually study daily, I have been intentionally carving out time for God in other ways throughout my week, cutting back on my game time (I love playing Hearts, Machington Mansion, and My Cafe on my phone) as well as on my reading time (I actually deleted my Kindle and book apps off of my phone and plan to keep them deleted until the end of Lent if not later; if you saw the breakdown of the time I spend on particular apps on my phone, you’d get how deleting these has freed up a lot of time.) 

Routine. February, for me, was also about me really developing and finalizing my study routine. I need to have my journal for notes. I need to have my physical Bible (not the one on my phone). I need to be without distraction so no music or background noise like when I’m studying or doing coursework. I also study at night before bed and I am able to sleep better and more peacefully. The night time is also when I have the most alone time and quiet time (simaltaneously). (Not only does this help me clear my mind at the end of the day but also I’m just flat out delirious in the morning. God is still working on me becoming more of a morning person and on actually waking up early. Pray for me.) 

This month I finished two books: Judges and Romans. So that this post doesn’t get long, I have separate posts that share my reflections and takeaways from those books. This is how I plan to format the rest of my book reflections and month to month reflections, since in March, I am set to finish four or five books, and even more the rest of the months.  

This wasn’t much of a formal post and felt a little bit like me rambling, but for those keeping me accountable and just following along, I haven’t fallen behind or thrown in the towel. 

Thanks for reading and sharing in this journey with me! Connect with me or social media or here via comments. 

Updated Progress