Major Outcomes

English Creative Writing

Analyze and interpret works from at least two creative genres (ie. poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and dramatic writing) with an understanding of process, language, and form. 

Engage in a creative process that incorporates research, revision, and attention to form, audience, language, and context.

Write with insight, proficiency and originality in at least two creative genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and dramatic writing). 

Respond to peers’ creative works with thoughtful criticism that supports the writer’s process of revision; incorporate thoughtful criticism in the process of revising creative work. 

Apply understanding and knowledge gained from the study of creative writing to other disciplines, problems, and contexts.


Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of acting, directing, dramatic writing and theatrical design. 

Demonstrate the ability to apply skills drawn from a study of acting, directing, dramatic writing and theatrical design to practical settings. 

Demonstrate an ability to compare personal, political or cultural perspectives through the analysis of varied forms of theatrical creation. 

Please explore this website to see how I have exemplified these objectives in coursework and throughout my own life. You can see how I utilized and showed a mastery of the English Creative Writing objectives in my Senior Seminar project.  As a part of this project, I was asked to reflect on my writing process and on the project as a whole, which I did in my craft essay