2019 is The Year of Perfecting.



At least, it is for everyone at United in Christ. 2019 is also the year where we are “closing our back door”.

According to our pastor, “closing our back door” involves making sure that we are making sure everyone in the church feels seen, appreciated, and included; that way we lose less people. This isn’t, of course, to say that we will lose focus of or treat visitors badly: the front door is still open. As a church, we just want to make sure we don’t lose focus of or forget the people who sit beside us every week.

In that vein, as a book club, this year we have a lot more ideas for inreach. We will definitely still work on and contribute to Academic Saturday. In addition to that, we began the year by inviting the church to connect with use in reading our first book of the year, The Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel. For our second and final meeting concerning this book (which I highly recommend), we will be having a potluck and round table discussion after our second service where we talk about Christianity vs. Christian Atheism using the book and its content as a guide for the discussion. During the summer, we plan to have another church-wide discussion (influenced by The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson) but at the park next door to our church since we’ll be having nicer weather by then.

This year, we are also going to engage in outreach that we want the whole church to “get in on”. We’re looking at volunteering at Books 4 Africa.

I’m also revisiting the church library this year. I am implementing a checkout system, but not an official library system—just a tablet with a catalog app and two folders for the books to be sorted into (Checked Out and Shelved). I am also getting another, bigger bulletin board to put inside the library where more can be displayed.

I’m excited to see what the year will bring; what I’ll learn; what the books will teach us; and how we will grow (as individuals and as a ministry).

This Year's Line-Up

The Christian Atheist: When You Believe in God But Live As If He Doesn’t Exist
January and February 100%
The Chance
March and April 100%
The Circle Maker
May and June 0%
Esther: A Woman of Dignity & Strength
July and August 0%
Anxious for Nothing
September and October 0%
The Noel Stranger
November and December 0%