(Lit) Things

(Lit)erary Things was originally birthed in the Fall 2018 African-American Fiction and Film course. 

(Lit)erary Things was originally a “show” that Tassia Drame, Jasmyn Stamper (me), Zenay Clemmons, & Lydia Mathis created as a way to present in the aforementioned course. Our professor, Dr. Willie Tolliver, said that he was sick of PowerPoint presentations and wanted us to creatively find ways to discuss and analyze the texts. Previous projects were things like court cases where the author was on trial. 

Thus, we created a television show, similar in style to The View. We wrote the scripts based on research and the text. Lydia created the projections. I created introduction music (with a voice over recording from my Dad) and formatted the scripts (thanks Professor Dudley Sanders for being so serious about formatting in our Sitcom writing course). Lydia and I even both designed t-shirts (seen in the photos above). 

We only had two presentations to give– one about Ann Petry’s The Street and James Weldon Johnson’s The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man. Honestly, though, these two presentations were some of my best during my time at Agnes Scott and this group was the best group I have (and likely will) ever work with.  

Now, I have taken (Lit)erary Things and have made it a mash-up of: an online portfolio for some of my work and a literary blog.